Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a tribute to my beard

so i don't know if you know this about me but i love beards. i love them. i know. thats weird. but thats ok.

well i found this wonderful treasure in new orleans. i found an inflatable beard!!!!! yes inflatable. it's wonderful.

                      don't you love it?

             i hope your day has been full of laughs and greatness.



  1. please send me a inflatable beard please so i can shove it down my pants please send me one

  2. Is it possible to put the inflatable beard Inside your own pants fully inflated all the way if so please test it for me and send me pic and a video to prove to me it can be done and please email me the pics at please if you don't mind please my son has seizures if he doesn't see the pics he will have them and die he will!! Please if you don't mind please email me the pics please do you want my son to suffer for not getting his pics and die after it do you
    Please the pics and video will save his life ok they will seriously they will its true ok please promise James Lee you will please for him ok