Friday, March 9, 2012

Guest Post | Jaydinn Miller | Tattoos

I'm Jaydinn.
I'm here to do a guest post for Miss Katie.
I spent days thinking of just what to post about, and i finally came up with something.

Since i was five or maybe younger, i would beg my mom to let me get a tattoo, i was and am OBSESSED with them. 

Kat Von D was my idol, and i decided i was going to try to dress like her once, and it didn't quite work out :)
So here on The Wanna Be Red Head, i'm going to post some tattoos that i really love and want. 
Source: via Stacie on Pinterest
I could just go on forever, and ever, and ever, but i'll keep it somewhat short.
The thing i love about tattoos is the colour,
the pure art of the whole thing.
and i really don't understand why people DON'T like tattoos.

Thanks Katie for letting me post here!
it was fun!!!

XoXo Jaydinn

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