Tuesday, April 30, 2013



is it almost may?

i cant really say i've been busy because i haven't. i mean not really. i guess kinda. but not busy enough not to sleep or eat or well use the computer. 

lately i've been thinking a lot about different things and questioning myself on my beliefs and friendship and family and the way i approach people and the way i talk to people and self confidence and beauty. 

theres been a lot going on in the o'l  brain of mine. you get me? 

just with everything in the world that happens everyday but just being more aware of it. makes me rethink all my "troubles" and how really there not that bad compared to most everything thats happening in the universe. i have food and family and a school and friends and clothes. life's pretty solid for this chick and i want to show my love better and approach things better. 

because sometimes your grandpa  reads your blog and see's that you love a pair of shoes that are utterly expensive and he calls you up and says pick out any pair you want on me.

and thats  kind and thoughtful and everything happy and good.

point being, i wish the little things that make me cry for a long time didn't make me cry. because there are really good things happening around me and i want to be more aware i show my affection for it better. you get me? 

alright. cool. great.

in the meantime..

i've been crocheting a blanket. 
i got blue nail polish.
schools almost over.
i got a sun burn.
i helped work a vintage pop up shop with some good friends.
i cut my own hair. 
which was a very bad idea.
so then i got it fixed.
and now its short.
and i love it.
i got a denim dress with stars on it.
my brothers made a fort.
i've been drawing more.
we got a coffee maker.
i've been wearing stripes.
wich kinda make me look like i'm in jail.
but i like it.


now your turn.

how ya been friend?


Sunday, April 14, 2013

the weekends loot

Hey hi!

Hope all of you had a happy weekend!

Mine was spent with friends no sleep and some thrifting.