Thursday, May 23, 2013

the best thrift loot

well i've got to say that the past couple of weeks i have had the BESTTTTTT luck with thrift stores!!!

     leather purse: $5
     backpack 29 cents 
     blue satchel: $5 {originally target}
     leather circle bag: 99 cents
     travel journal: $1 {originally target}
     little arrow pouch: 50 cents {originally target}
     alice in wonderland stickers: 50 cents
     scarves: dont remember.
     bass oxfords: $2

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

its nice to meet ya summer


hellllllllo summertime! 

how have ya been?

its been quite a long while.

i cant wait to stay and chat for 3 months! 

i bet you {whoever YOU may be} couldn't tell but today was the last day of school. it was bitter sweet. ya see this little school is such a big part of me and were all one big family. its my community and as happy and relieved i am to be ALL DONE i'm also going to miss it. you get me? alright cool.

HEY! sooooooo i got some maxi skirts at the thrift store monday! its a big deal. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

sunday funday

just incase you didn't know this this i'm a huge fan of fashion and thats (mostly) what i like to write about.

so heres some inspiration for your week! 

some things i'v been smitten over.

its safe to sAy that i totalllllllllly miss my fun hair.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


heres a list of some recent favorite things:
food: guacamole.
clothing. denim vest.
book: to kill a mocking bird. i just read it for school and lovedit a lot.
thrift find:floral skirt.
craft: crochet circles
music: jake bugg.
drink: coffee
movie: the breakfast club
nail polish:blue
shoes: doc martens 


p.s. if theres anything specific you'd like for me to write about on here just comment! i'd love to hear some ideas.