Friday, June 22, 2012

friday lovelies

hello there!

im bringing friday lovelies back! i just took a break for a bit because i was doing A lot of link posts. anyway hope your week has been swell!
ah! i miss my bike.

stop itttttt
so much loveeee.

Canon Direct Store- PowerShot G1 X
this is the camera i'm (trying) to save for.
retrolicious kitchen screenprint - fab patterns!
I love this <3
sweet original illustration of a fox cub
so simple and yet so not.
retro gingham picnic dress #1960s #vintage
retro picnic dress!
Polka dot dress
i used to really not like
polka dots but now i love them!
There's a new kitty in town
this is kara's new kitten! pip luke-haupt.
so darling.
Oyster #99: Tavi Gevinson x Petra Collins | Oyster
so inspiring.

happy friday!
xoxo katie

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  1. Those are all really good finds! I especially like that polka dot dress!!! :D The color is soo lovely.