Friday, June 1, 2012

friday lovelies

{Sandra Dieckmann} Etsy Featured Seller - love her art! @Hailey Farris this is who i was telling you about!!!
this etsy seller i just discovered! so wonderful! ah!
Yes. This would happen.
this is so true!!

Gym GIlmore GIrls
i am a Gilmore girls addict!

i miss fall!
i adore this bag!!
oh my! love!
just the whole look
oh madwell!

mint green + lace= great combination.
mint and lace! loverly!
so precious i cant stand it.
this new blogger i adore! dashing-darling. go follow her!!

Great Mix.
instant love.

alabama shakes - new favorites.
the alabama shakes! my new favorites.

oh my. how darling.
red skirts <3
BAH! she is darling!

yes! yes! yes!
this is what baby sitting money is going towards!

blackberry, fennel and goat cheese - sounds like a lovely combo of toppings

this tatt!
ah! this one too!

and this one!

happy friday darlings!
xo katie


  1. aww darling, i just saw this <3 thank you soo much! hehe you made my night <3

    1. oh my! yay i made your night!! you are so very welcome!! i love your blog! your style is wonderful!

  2. I loove Gilmore Girls! And those dresses. And tattoos. Haha. I enjoyed this post and your blog very much. :) glad i stumbled across it. If you're feeling adventurous, check out mine too please:) By the way, you've got yourself a new follower!

  3. ah! oh my thank you so much! your blog is lovely as well! so very happy i have a new follower! oh and i am always feeling adventurous.