Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a new year and a goal list.

happy 2013!!!!!!!!

i think that it was a pretty good 2012 and it will be a spectacular 2013. 

now for a goal list.

15 before 16

1. learn to drive.
2. get ombre. (brown)
3. embroider something.
4. read more books.
5. make a cd and give it to local music stores.
6. take at least 1 or more instax pictures a day.
7. grow my hair out.
8. learn to knit a pair of socks.
9. play the tambourine like a super star.
10. play with gray haven at urban standard.
11. start an etsy with hailey.
12learn to make tofu
13.crochet a granny square.
14. save for a car. (?)
15. go to red velvet.

(heres some pictures from my year.)

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