Wednesday, November 14, 2012

im pretty solid.

hey! how are you? well i'm pretty solid. 

i started wearing my hair in braids and now feel like a walking raggedy anne doll.

wearing some stupid glasses and reading nylon with the cast of perks of being a wall flower on it. 

bought some mustache stickers at walmart for 1 buck. 

            went camping last weekend.

ripped my jeans and skint my knee while trying to catch my dog.
that deserves a thumbs up. 

taped some leaves that i pressed to my window. 

finally got to use this cute plate.

took some pictures of this super pretty wood.

took lots and lots and lots of pictures while camping. 

                   one out of many pictures if this little beast.
re dyed my hairs and wore this navaho vest. 

and discovered this song.


  1. SO jealous of the Perks magazine and of the mustaches, and lastly your hair is gorgeous and lastly lastly, taping the leaves on the window is SUCH a cute idea. I love it:)

    1. awww!!!! thank you thank you!!!!!! <333