Sunday, May 13, 2012

lets go crafting!

hello internet world!

I am so very exited about summer! not only because of long skirts, flappy hats, and ice cream cones but because of all the time ill have to CRAFT! i have been having that itch to be creative.
here are some pintrest ideas i've been wanting to try!

D.I.Y. industrial record cabinet!
industrial record cabinet!

DIY: collar necklaces
don't you love this idea?!?!
make your own iphone case.
i want to do this for my ipod!
diy bloom flower crown. cuteee
this flower crown is just lovely! perfect for summer!

D.I.Y. peter pan collar!!!
make your own peter pan collar!
make your own tea bags!!
how to make your one tea bags.

twig + felt arrows i WILL make this.
twig felt arrows.
washi tape jars
i want some washi tape!
yes. i will be making forts.

Cool way to color yarn
this is going to happen. great idea!

yes. wonderful!

recycled wood headboard!
recycled wood head bored!

happy crafting! and happy mothers day all you mothers!

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